Canadian Journal of Media Studies / Revue Canadienne d’Études Médiatiques

Current Issue: Numéro actuel

Volume 10 June 2012 / Juin 2012

Peer Reviewed Papers / Contributions évaluées par les pairs

  1. The Canadian Arab press as historical source and object of study, from the late 19th century to the 1970s
    Houda Asal, Centre de Recherches Historiques, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

  2. Moral panics and cybercrime: How Canadian media cover Internet child luring
    Steven Roberts and Aziz Douai, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  3. 'needful supervision': Talks and taste on early Canadian radio
    Len Kuffert, History Department, University of Manitoba
  4. Between Scarlem and the Ivory Tower: An Autoethnographic Examination of Marginality in Canadian Communication and Media Studies
    Christopher Richardson, The University of Western Ontario
  5. Bridging the Airwaves: Examining Joint Israeli-Palestinian Radio Stations and Their Contributions to Local Peace Journalism and Peacebuilding Practices
    Gillian Carr, The Gordon Sinclair Scholarship Essay
  6. Information Curtain in Egyptian media during the 25 January revolution: Al Ahram site Case study
    Amen Said Abdlghany, Media Education Department, Specific Education Facility, Mansura University, Egypt
  7. From the Father of the "Great One" to Recipient of the Order of Canada: Media, Celebrity, and Walter Gretzky
    Richard Beales, Wilfred Laurier University and John Chi-Kit Wong, Washington State University

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