Canadian Journal of Media Studies / Revue Canadienne d’Études Médiatiques

Current Issue: Numéro actuel

Volume 7: June 2010 / juin 2010
Guest Editor, Bob Hanke, York University


Introducing Media, Knowledge and the Network University
Bob Hanke

Peer Reviewed Papers / Contributions évaluées par les pairs

  1. The Role of the Internet in Changing Knowledge Ecologies
    Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis,
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  2. Media Theory, Education and the University: a Response to Kittler's History of the University as a Media System
    Norm Friessen and Darryl Cressman,
    Thompson Rivers University
  3. The University of the 21st Century: the Will to Technology or the Will to Knowledge?
    Maria José M. Ferreira,
    Universidade Lusófona do Porto
  4. Whither the Libidinal University?
    Nicholas Knouf, Cornell University
  5. The Academic Open Source Software Developer: Portrait of a Subjectivity in the Network University
    Mia Quint-Rapoport, OISE/University of Toronto
  6. A Good Horse Runs at the Shadow of the Whip: Surveillance and Organizational Trust in Online Learning Environments
    Dan Knox, University at Albany, SUNY


The Postmodern University, Research and Media Studies
Frank Webster, City University, London


Ian Angus, In Conversation with Bob Hanke

Photo: North Campus Building at The University of Western Ontario. Home of the Faculty of Information & Media Studies.
North Campus Building at
The University of Western Ontario
Home of the Faculty of Information & Media Studies

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